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The #Goals Ambassador Program

The #Goals Ambassador Program is a 6-month commitment for anyone with 3000+ followers on Instagram. It requires you have experience with our products, post two times per week on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag #mybrandlashes. #G.A.P also requires a commitment of $300 monthly auto-ship but you also receive a $50 gift card after each month that you fulfill your program requirements, making your out of pocket expense only $250. You will also receive an automatic 10% discount and free shipping on your auto-ship subscription. The auto-ship can be changed or canceled at any time. Additionally, you will have access to our educational video library and you will receive the Bougie Collection Box of luxury My Brand Lashes items.
This includes-
  1. Acrylic Lash Covered Tile
  2. Hand mirror
  3. 1 Encore and 1 Dress Up adhesive
  4. Decorative lash pillow
  5. Coco volume tweezers ( My favorite )
  6. Eyelash Tumbler
  7. 5 eyelash extension safe eyeliners (Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, and Onyx.)
  8. And video tips for each product
                      Total Value $350.


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