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Keyara Grassl

Keyara never thought that she would be in the beauty industry, but says that four years later it is definitely her most favorite job that she has eve had. Keyara left a prior career in youth care work to help her mom, who had started a lash business. She soon found a commonality between the connections she made with her lash clients and connections that she made with her clients in social work. Keyara believes that everyone has a story, and that salons are a great place for women to share their stories and feel good about themselves. Keyara has been a lash artist for four years, but feels that her job is much more than simply applying lashes. She creates bonds with other lash technicians, clients, and anyone in the industry and tries her best to make a positive difference in their lives. Making people feel good and empowering them is the most rewarding part of her career.


Lloydminster, Alberta




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