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The #Petite Ambassador Program

The #Petite Ambassador Program is a one-month commitment for anyone with less than 800 followers on Instagram and requires you to post once a week on Instagram and/or Facebook, as well as a commitment of $75 auto-ship. By meeting these requirements you will be included in a group mentoring call each week for a 4 week period. All calls will be recorded so if you happen to miss one, you will still be able to watch it.
1st Call- Ideas on what to post as a #Petite Brand Ambassador
How to properly review a product
2nd Call-How to take fun engaging pictures
3rd Call- Introducing yourself to the lash industry- how to get in on the conversation and get engagement/followers
4th Call- a LIVE CALL covering things I wish I would have known when I was starting in the lash industry, your wins, takeaways, big goals, comments, and Q&A.


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