Advanced Volume Course - Las Vegas, NV - April 23rd & 24th

Advanced Volume Course - Las Vegas, NV - April 23rd & 24th

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Are you looking for a course that will take your volume techniques to the next level?

Well, you've found it!  Hilaree Brand is traveling to Las Vegas NV to teach her exclusive My Brand Lashes Advanced Volume 2 day course on April 23rd-24th! She'll be there to share her extensive knowledge in a group class setting.

Hilaree has shared her expertise on stages across the globe, empowering lash artists of all levels. Hilaree's teaching styles are personalized and proven to be truly exceptional.

This Advanced Volume course will help you uplevel your skills - your customers will love the benefits they get from everything you learn!

You can keep up with the trends and work closely with Hilaree to learn:

  • product knowledge,
  • health and safety tips,
  • specific advanced volume application techniques,
  • and so much more!

Click here to see the detailed Course Description for more information on the bonuses and the student kit (included!).  

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 Actual Course Location:


Las Vegas, NV


Rant and Raves from past students:

I feel like when you are choosing a lash course it is hard to decide where to go. My Brand Lashes training is top-notch, but more important then that, the atmosphere is amazing! I would definitely take another of Hilaree's courses. This is 100% the best course I have taken thus far and I have taken 10+ beauty courses. THANK YOU MY BRAND LASHES! ~Pamela P.

So glad to have a My Brand Lashes course under my belt.   Hilaree always had answers for my million questions. Everything I thought it would be, and then some!  ~Bailey A.

Coming into the Classic/Volume course I had only 5 months of Lash experience and had only done classic. During the first day I was making 5-6D fans! I have a long way to come but it was such a supportive and encouraging environment!  It really pushed me to want to be the best Lash Tech I can be! To know we're all rooting for each other and can have continued support even when the course is over is so valuable. Such a great experience.  ~Jenna R.



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