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Lash Pillow

Lash Pillow

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Client's will effortlessly drift off to Lash-Nap-Land atop this dense memory foam pillow that softly cradles and supports their head, neck, and shoulders. It also keeps the client's head and eyes at the right height for the lash artists and offers much-needed workspace on both sides of the client's head to lash from a tile or keep your lash brush, adhesive, and accessories within inches of your reach. 


Let's play a game of  'Would You Rather'

Uncomfortable clients = Wiggly clients= Stressed out lash artists = Terrible lashes! 


Comfortable clients= Still clients = Happy lash artist= AMAZING lashes! 

It's science. Get the pillow. 


Pillowcase removable and washable. 


23.5 inches long 

13.5 neck of the pillow

11 inches wide

4 7/8 inches tall


 no returns or exchanges available on this pillow.



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