July 01, 2022 1 min read

Do you require a deposit?

Deposits are the way your clients call, “DIBS!” on your schedule.

*Deposits are insurance.*

*Deposits provide security.*

*Deposits are LIFE for small business owners.*

For this reason, deposits should be non refundable. You are not a savings account for people to come and withdraw from later. I understand that since 2020, things have changed but that does not mean your business should ever have to suffer.

Deposits can always be used for future services or can possibly even be transferable if your client insists. Requiring a deposit doesn’t only protect you from cancellations, it protects you from clients that are not ideal and it proves that you are a serious business owner who is protecting and growing a thriving business.

You are worth a deposit! You can start requiring them today. Your policies are allowed to change to fit your dream business model

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