Free Shipping on orders 150$ in the US and Free Shipping 350$ or more internationally.


Q:  How do I cancel or change the frequency of my auto-ship settings?

Simple Steps:

1. Log into your account

2. Click the little icon next to the shopping bag at the top right.

3. Click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS (it is under Account Management).

4. View the items you have on auto-ship and adjust accordingly. Make sure you SAVE your settings or it will still charge you on the next cycle.

Q:   What happens if you are out of stock and I'm on auto-ship?

A:   You will get an email informing you that we are temporarily out of stock and you will NOT be charged. Once the stock arrives at our warehouse, your auto-ship will resume it's regular schedule and you will be charged automatically. We DO NOT have access to your personal information, and we cannot change or cancel it for you. This is something you must do yourself (see how to make changes in the Q&A above).

Q:  Can I use coupon codes on my auto-ship items?

A:   Coupon codes are only applicable to regular priced items (Minus cleansing brushes.), this excludes sale items and any items on special auto-ship pricing.

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?


A: Once you receive an order tracking number from us, your package has left our warehouse. If your purchase is made before 9 AM MST, it will be shipped out on the same day! We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays. Orders made on a holiday weekend will be shipped the next business day. We ship via FED EX and USPS.

Q: I would like to add extra insurance to my order, how do I do this?


A: Email us before you place the order and we will invoice you for additional insurance. All packages have insurance up to 100$ But if you need more, please reach out to

Q: What is your policy on returning adhesive?


A:  Unfortunately, due to industry regulations and standards we are unable to accept returns of adhesives.

Q: What is your policy on exchanging products?


A:  As long as an item is simply opened, i.e. unused, we will accept it as an exchange (barring adhesives.) In exchanges, the customer pays shipping both for the return and the new product.

Q:  How will I be notified when an item is back in stock?


A:  There is an option on the item’s individual page, a button reading ‘Notify me when back in stock’ just click on this, fill in your information, and you’re all set! You will receive an email when a product comes back into stock.

Q:  I’m having trouble using my tweezers, I can’t find the sweet spot! What do I do?


Q:  How do I use the Lash Lather Sachets?


A:  Our Lash Lather Sachets are designed for 2 packets per foaming pump bottle. We do not recommend pre-mixing this for your clients. Once mixed, the mixture is good for 30 days, and the bottle amount is designed to last for 30 days of daily use.

Q:  Something is missing from my order, HELP!


A:  We apologize. We are never happy when this happens, but we are (unfortunately) human and mistakes can be made. Send us an email and we’ll make it right, we promise! ☺

Q:  I’m interested in private training, where can I find more information?


A:  Check out our ‘About Courses’ page! This has all the information you need on group classes and private trainings.

Q:  Where can I find the MSDS information for a certain product?


A:  The MSDS sheet for each product is available directly on their product page.

Q:  Which humidity/temperature is right for which adhesive?


A:  Each adhesive includes suggested temperature and humidity in the product description.

Q:  How can I make the Fringe Bio Gel Pads feel less stiff?


A:  Make sure you peel the plastic cover off the top of the pad first before removing the gel pad off of its backing.

Q:  I need a refund, how long does that take?


A:  Refunds take 3-5 business days to reflect in your account.





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