July 01, 2022 2 min read

If you’ve been wanting to advertise yourself as a luxury lash artist, this email is for you!

I started my lash journey in Boise Idaho, which is important to note because Idaho is one of the few states that doesn't require a cosmetology or esthetician license to lash. Due to this, Idaho has a high saturation of Lash artists which means finding clientele that will pay your prices can be tricky. I knew that I wanted returning clients that would not only pay, but pay a higher price for my license and skill level, I wanted luxury customers.

 One thing I learned right off the bat is that luxury customers are going to be looking for someone that's highly trained and aligns themselves with reputable lash brands. No high end client is going to recommend someone who's given them lashes that look cheap, has bad retention, or causes them irritation. Quality supplies are important when you are looking to attract high end customers, so using a trusted luxury brand is important. If you’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into your business, you want to make sure you are charging luxury prices for your services.


Here are my top tips to find and build a high end clientele:

1- Always remember, quality over quantity. The typical Volume lash full set takes around 2.5-3 hours or even longer. It's always a better idea to raise your prices and take your time to give quality work to a few, than to give cheap, rushed, mediocre work to many.

2- Offer high end services. Make sure that you are giving the best quality to stand out from the average lash artist. People who are searching for special treatment are willing to pay more to have the best

3- Advertise your services with a focus on your uniqueness and talent. The big secret here is CONFIDENCE. You want to display the confidence in your ability to meet the needs of luxury clients. Always advertise your brand with the expertise, quality, and technique at the forefront.

4- Build a vision of your target audience. I’m sure at this point we have all heard this, and it's still one of the best practices I recommend. Know your ideal client inside and out and you will know how and where to advertise to them.

5- Keep up to date on new trends and developments. Keep an eye on Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and beauty magazines so that you will know what's hot and trending. Just be sure to keep lash health in mind.

6- Luxury clients come to their appointments expecting to pay more for the service. Low prices can translate to low quality. Don’t offer too big or too frequent discounts on your services. Have you ever seen Louis Vuitton or Prada do that? Instead of sales, you could try working with high end influencers to build your brand image and attract more clientele.

7- Flaunt those reviews. Positive feedback is key to winning over luxury clients. So share those positive reviews to your website and social media.

When you focus on building a luxury lash business, you will attract luxury clients willing to pay luxury prices, don't be afraid to level up your learning, tools, or clientele!

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