July 01, 2022 2 min read

While Instagram isn’t everything and can never capture the full scope of your business, talent or mission, it can be a helpful tool in getting the word out about your work. Even having 1 wall set up to take your before and after pics in front of will help your clients have a picture that they would be happy with you posting so they can re-post.

Here are my simple tips to make your lash room Insta-ready

1- The 60/30/10 rule. Choose a 3 part color palette for your lashing area. Decorate 60% of the room with a dominant color, 30% of the room with a complimentary second color, and use the remaining 10% for an accent color. If you don’t have a space that you can paint, stick to wall hangings, signs, blankets, furniture and other décor items to fill the room with color.

2- Find or create at least 1 piece of décor that is unique. This can be a picture, words, or any other piece of décor you want! In my lash room I have a bronzed statue head with a crown added on top. This will help your space (and your work) be more memorable to your customers and anyone who sees their lash photos "Hey, whos your lash girl? The one with the statue head in that picture you shared"

3- Have great lighting. Either create your IG worthy wall across from a window with lots of natural light or have lighting set up to help highlight your work and make your client look FLAWLESS

When your client loves their lash picture, they are more likely to share it to their page saying how much they love your work and refer you to their friends and family!

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