March 07, 2023 2 min read

We all hope you have a super busy Holiday season while also getting some time to chill. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry, the lashing slow season is coming up.


Now DON’T FREAK OUT. We all know it happens after the holiday rush. I wanted to help you prepare with some tips to get you through the slow months following the crazy holiday season. 

1- Offer your clients a pre-booking price if they book and pay through January. 

2- Offer a referral program- 

EXAMPLE: Reach out to existing clients and offer a discount on their next fill when they refer someone. New client receives a discount on a new full set of lashes

PRO TIP: Only pay or give the referral discount AFTER their referral has come to their appointment and paid for the service. 

3- If a new client prepays for 2 fills, they receive a discount for pre-booking.

This price does not have to be steeply discounted, just better than what they would pay otherwise. $5-$10, 10%-15% off OR offer a free add-on like brow or lip wax.

And our last tip isn’t really for this slow season, but will be a good idea to implement now for next year's slow season. 

4- save 5-10% of your income each month in a separate account that is only to be used during the slow months. 5% or even 10% is NOT a lot that gets skimmed off the top each month but you will be thanking yourself every single year that you do it! 

To help you out, here is a code for free shipping on your next order over $50

Use code: lashbiz at checkout


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