July 01, 2022 1 min read

Are your being a genuine lash artist? 
Your genuine self is the foundation that you will use to build not only your clientele, but your legacy. 

2 easy examples of this are:
- If you are talkative, then talk to your clients. 
- If you are a more focused person, you can tell your clients to go to sleep while you work. 

It can be easy to think "everyone tells me I should make my clients go to sleep and not talk so that's what I have to do even though I like talking".

Knowing who you are will shape how you work and will give you the greatest results. When you weave who you are into your lash sets, business colors, logo, advertising and incentives, you will attract your ideal clients to you. 

So the next time you see another lash artist who seems to be doing well in your area, you don't need to try to copy their services and business practices, you just need to press a little more into yourself and know that YOUR clients will be attracted to what you offer.

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