July 01, 2022 1 min read

Here is a very simple life/business/mom/entrepreneur tip that you can start implementing TODAY that will improve your relationships with everyone around you.

Do not say BUT.

Taking accountability for your actions is the BEST thing you can do in a business. Yes! It can be scary to say "I am so sorry, I was the one who forgot to book your appointment and I would like to make this right." or "You're right and I could have handled that better."

Never follow it up with BUT.... (but I was tired, but you didn't tell me, but there was other things happening, but I didn't know, etc...)
BUT is the ultimate accountability neutralizer. 

When you choose to say AND instead, you are choosing to own your part and see where you could improve in the future. AND I know in the future that I can't schedule myself so full that I am not that tired, AND I know to ask more clarifying questions in the future, AND I know that I need to repeat back the information, especially when there are other things distracting me. 

So next time life happens to you and you find yourself trying to clean up a mess, just remember to say AND, not BUT.

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