How To Stop Sabotaging Your Success! 🤑

TLDR: Busy work is killing your potential

A few days ago I was talking to my assistant about our upcoming schedule. We were trying to figure out how to fit in all the training events we have planned, when to order the next shipments of product, my lash client appointments and everyday life stuff. When it was clear that it would all be possible if I just put off sleeping until August and survived purely on coffee, she stopped me and said 

"This schedule is busy, but it doesn't look like success" 

The key to success is to strategically lighten your load. You need to decide what parts of your business need your passion, and which parts of your business just need to be run. You will create more room to succeed in your business when you automate or hand off the busy work to someone else, so that you can focus on the things you LOVE doing, that have created the success you already have.

So here is your sign, if you love taking pictures but hate writing captions and finding hashtags, find someone else to do that.

If you LOVE training but don't have time to do them because of your client load, train a commission lash artist to take some of your clients and give them lash sets that YOU approve of.

If you love lashing your clients but managing the scheduling and reminders STRESSES YOU OUT, find someone to set up a system that will take care of that automatically for you.

Your business has gotten to where it is now because of your passion, don't let that fizzle out over busy work that someone else can do. Recommit yourself to the parts of the business you love and watch it flourish!!