Want to get exclusive and personal access to Gretchen McCants but don't want to travel?

Now you can with Gretchen McCants ONLINE Volume Training Course!  

We're not talking about just some videos that you watch this brand new online training, Gretchen is going to spend time with you face to face via video conferencing, teaching and coaching you to be able to learn her expert Volume lash skills in your own studio or home!

This course comes with:

  • training videos (of course)
  • an exclusive My Brand Lashes expert Volume Lashes manual
  • a student kit of products specifically hand-selected by Gretchen
  • a special mount to set up your phone on your lash bed or table so that Gretchen can watch over you as you practice
  • and hours of 1:1 time directly with Gretchen to get expert answers to all of your questions.  

It's such an awesome opportunity to work directly with Gretchen in a more convenient setting, and at a really convenient price!  You honestly can't get this same value anywhere else!!

**The cost of tuition for private training is regularly $1,200/day.  Gretchen's and your travel expenses (flight and hotel) are an additional expense. 


Your student kit is included with each course at no additional charge.


Gretchen's schedule will be filling up quickly, so you don't want to wait to grab a spot!  


About Gretchen:

Gretchen has been certified and trained by some of the best in the industry, included the former owner of My Brand Lashes, Hilaree Brand!

You can request to be taught any of the following courses to either help you get started or polish your skills and uplevel your business:

  • Classic and Volume course (3-day course)
  • Volume course (2-day course)
  • Mega Volume course (2-day course)
  • A Customized course to fill in any gaps where you need it the most (2-day course)

Click here to see the detailed Course Descriptions for more information on the bonuses.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Make sure you really, really want to attend this super-duper class, and learn awesome things, and then boost your income before making your deposit, as it is non-refundable. However, we understand extreme circumstances happen, and so, at the instructor's discretion, your deposit may be credited toward a future class. 

All lash artists, instructors/salon owners, and cosmetology/aesthetic educators attending this course understand that what is taught in this course is not to be duplicated and shared or taught in any form. Including but not limited to verbal, demonstration, photography, video or audio recording. 

If you are attending our VOLUME course please note that by clicking agree to terms of service that you have at least 6 months of eyelash extension experience. 

If you are attending our CLASSIC + VOLUME course you realize that you have the sole responsibility to know and be aware of your own state laws regarding the practice and application of eyelash extensions. MY BRAND LASHES cannot be held responsible for failure to abide by or ignorance of your own state laws. 

By clicking, you agree to the terms of service on this registration form you agree: 

1. Not to share any of the information given in the context of learning the techniques taught by My Brand Lashes 

2. Not to teach another person ANYTHING taught to you in this course. 

3. That you have adequate experience if taking a VOLUME training course (Classic + Volume not included) 

4. That you are also aware of your own state laws regarding practicing eyelash extensions. 

5. Taking the course without completing the requirements for licensure in your own state may be insufficient to certify or qualify the attendee to perform a service for compensation that requires licensure. Most states require that you have a valid Cosmetology, Aesthetics or nursing license to practice and charge for eyelash extensions. Students of Cosmetology or Aesthetics may only charge for eyelash services upon completion of their licensure. My Brand Lashes cannot be held responsible for the ignorance of your own state laws. We recommend that you check your state's Department Of Public Licensing before signing up for our course. 

6. The attendee may be required by state law to obtain licensure before performing the service for compensation. Every state is different. Please check your own state laws. 

7. To choose to move forward with the course you are signing up to take. 

8. Should you have any questions regarding your training after class, you will reach out to the instructor of your course before social media to resolve any and all issues. We take our reputation very seriously and we only want the best for our students. If you have constructive feedback after taking one of our courses we welcome your input. 


Rant and Raves from past students:

I feel like when you are choosing a lash course it is hard to decide where to go. My Brand Lashes training is top-notch, but more important than that, the atmosphere is amazing! I would definitely take another of Gretchen's courses. This is 100% the best course I have taken thus far and I have taken 10+ beauty courses. THANK YOU MY BRAND LASHES! ~Pamela P.


Coming into the Classic/Volume course I had only 5 months of Lash experience and had only done classic. During the first day, I was making 5-6D fans! I have a long way to come but it was such a supportive and encouraging environment!  It really pushed me to want to be the best Lash Tech I can be! To know we're all rooting for each other and can have continued support even when the course is over is so valuable. Such a great experience.  ~Jenna R.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brittney l Wildman
I loved how hands on it was. I never once felt left out.

Gretchen flew to Indiana to teach a very hands on class. She provided us with a training book and a kit and got to know us first (which I love that!). She made me feel important and lifted me up the entire time. She was easy to talk to and learn from!

Kelsey Rivera
Everything was perfect!

Gretchen was absolutely amazing! She took her time and made sure everyone left with what they came their to learn! You can tell she takes pride in her brand and what she does! I’d highly recommend.

Shelby Carter
I learned more than I thought I was going to for sure!!!

My Brand Lashes met every expectation plus more during my advanced volume training! Gretchen went over the top to make me feel confident in my new technique. I can’t wait to use these new tips and tricks I’ve learned on every set of lashes from now on!!!

Sasha Haughn
10/10 recommend!

Gretchen went above and beyond for my team of 7. We have a variety of skill sets and she customized our training to fit everyone’s needs. I love the personalized approach and you can tell she truly cares about her students and their success. So many trainers are unavailable after class but Gretchen has already been available for questions via Instagram DM afterwards. We have taken classes from other big lash brands and Gretchen’s curriculum blows everyone else out of the water. 10/10 recommend!