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Do you have a few burning questions that you would love to chat with Hilaree about?

Do you wish you had just a couple of hours alone with her to get some clarity on a technique that might save you hours of time?

If you're answer is a loud and clear YESSS! then we would like to introduce Hilaree's new Online Mentorship Program.

That's can now reserve a few hours of Hilaree's time and meet with her via video conference from the comfort of your own studio...or from the La-Z-Boy chair in your living room, if you prefer!  

How does this work?  It's super simple!  You decide how much time you want, make your payment, grab a spot on Hilaree's calendar, and connect with her using the provided link that you will receive in your inbox.  You can connect via the Zoom app on your phone or by clicking on the link directly on your computer - and you'll have the choice of showing up on video or simply connecting just using audio.  Hilaree will record your session and send the recording your way as soon as you say goodbye. 

There's another added bonus here, too:  You can purchase a package of hours (there is a 2 hour minimum) and spread them out over time, in hourly increments.  For example, you could purchase a total of 3 hours of mentoring and meet with Hilaree three different times!  Kind of amazing, right?

Here are the main details to keep in mind:

  • The rate for Hilaree's Online Mentorship Program is $150/hour.
  • There is a 2 hour minimum for your first purchase. 
  • You must schedule your session using the link provided in the payment confirmation email you receive, in hourly increments.
  • You can spend your time talking about anything you want, from pricing to technique. This is your time to discuss, show, and ask questions about anything at all.

Start by making a payment here, and watch your inbox to receive a payment confirmation with the next steps within one business day.

Reach out to if you have any questions. 





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