July 01, 2022 1 min read

I promise not all lash supplies are the same

When we are sourcing products, we take 2 things into consideration above all else. 

1- QUALITY - Does this product do exactly what we are wanting it to do and nothing else? What are the ingredients? Where does the product and its ingredients come from? What is the shelf life? Etc...

2- CONSISTENCY - Will every single one be the same as the last, Will it be the same as it was 2 years ago. Is the size, shape, design, the same with every order. 

We hand test every shipment of every product we carry to ensure that you will always be more than satisfied with your orders. The last thing you need to worry about as a lash artist is if your new pair of tweezers will feel the same as the pair you dropped, or if your adhesive will have the same hold as the last bottle.

Products take us years of sourcing and testing to ensure they will perform for you and your clients. We are so passionate about consistent quality with your products because when you invest in high quality products, your current and future clients are more likely to invest in you!

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