March 17, 2023 2 min read

You're trying everything but the clients just dont seem to stick around....

maybe its one of these reasons

1- You’re advertising to one-time-only customers

You have a great 1 time only deal. Getting customers from groupon or advertising super low rates during a peak season for lashes (think prom, holidays, etc.). Instead try focusing on showing the incredible work you do CONSISTENTLY. Focus your advertising on the type of customers who return!  


2- You are offering the wrong deals at the wrong times, you may even be offering discounts too often. 

Discounts can be a great way to get someone in the door when they are used correctly! Focus on offering discounts during off seasons ONLY. Don’t discount fills (the big money maker in the lash industry!) and be sure to offer a discount to the customer base that you actually want to have! 


3- You're not offering what your customers actually want.

It's okay to start with just classics or just classics and hybrids. If that's what your customer base is into, that's great! Keep in mind, the more skills you master as a lash artist, the more you can offer to your clients as they become more attached to having lash extensions. You want them to be coming to YOU and not searching for someone else when they are wanting to mix up their lash style or do something different for an event they have coming up.


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