August 07, 2023 2 min read

As a fellow lash artist I see too many people too focused on the bigger picture when it comes to lashing. 
While that is important, its easy to forget that it's the culmination of little things that make up the bigger picture!

Here are four simple things you can start implementing today, to see a positive difference in your lash business! 


  1. ✨ Prebook your appointments. If you are already doing that, great! If you aren’t, how are your stress levels 🤪 Pre-booking your appointments helps to organize your week and make your pay more predictable each month. My books are filled 2 months in advance, that way if a spot opens up I have plenty of time to fill it before it becomes a stressor for me.
  2. ✨ Wash clients lashes before every appointment. Again, if you are already doing this, GREAT! If not, why? It helps your retention, sets the standard for your clients and for your work. I have some more opinions on this and there has been a lot of great discussion on this instagram reel. Share your opinion too!
  3. ✨ End all prices with a 5. This is going to generate more income for your business. So If your regular fill price is currently $70, raise that to $75. I have found that my clients are more likely to just hand me 4 twenty dollar bills and say “keep the tip”. Five dollars doesn’t feel like a big loss for them but when you add it up over time for me, it’s a huge difference on my take home!
  4. ✨Aim for CONSISTENT. This is the best advice I could give to help you boost your lash biz. Consistency in your work means your clients will be just as happy at their 5th appointment and their 25th appointment as they were with at the 1st. That ensures clients not only stay with you but also refer you as their go to girl. Consistency is always the best policy.

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