June 09, 2023 1 min read

Summer is here! These are our top tips on how to schedule your lash appointments accordingly.

1- Keeping in mind that many clients will be taking vacations or may have increased activities due to warmer weather, it's important that you plan ahead as much as possible. Be sure to adjust your cancellation and late policy if needed and remind your clients of your policy when they book their summer appointments.

2- We recommend discussing with all your clients their summer plans while booking appointments so that you can adjust your availability if needed. This could include offering weekend appointment slots or longer hours during certain days of the week depending on demand from existing and potential clientele. Remember to consider your own vacations while booking clients

3-Working together with each client is an effective way to ensure everyone's needs are met while avoiding any unexpected conflicts due to vacation time or other commitments. We recommend keeping a chat or group page, just somewhere people can be notified of last minute openings. Somebody may have to drop an appointment last minute while another is begging for you to squeeze them in before vacation and could fill that spot! 

4- BONUS TIP!  Be sure you are stocked up on summer favorites! We recommend using a bonder to increase retention, primer to help clean off all the summer products, dirt and sweat from lashes, and we love to offer color lashes and lash decals for those that want to stand out at their summer events!

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