March 08, 2023 2 min read

Do you feel like you’re 1 step behind where you want to be? Maybe your books aren’t full or you seem to be losing more clients than you’re taking on. It can make you feel defeated and like you’re doing everything wrong in this business

I’m definitely guilty of getting into a “woah is me” mind loop. Googling “why does my business suck so bad” at 2AM and thinking to myself

What if I fail

What if i'm not good enough 

What if i don’t make my money back

These are all of the ways I’m not qualified

When I find myself here, I let myself feel the defeat, but then force myself to change focus and I let myself remember that I actually DO know what i’m doing and how to improve my business. 

How to change your focus:

  • Ask yourself better questions. Instead of googling “why does my business suck so bad” ask yourself what area of your business is causing you the most stress that you could get some help in. When you rephrase the question you give yourself a direction to go in.
  • Recognize when you're living life on autopilot and aren't being intentional with what you're doing, saying or thinking. Do you feel like a robot who wakes up and does the same thing every single day. Usually when that happens, you aren’t cashing in on the perks of owning your own business (time off for yourself or a vacation, working with clients you like and removing the ones you don’t, getting excited to try something new in your career like a lash product or new style). Change things up, ask yourself what perks you need to be taking more advantage of.
  • Remember why you're doing this to begin with. You wanted to be a lash artist because _______________ Go into detail about why your love what you do. 

No one wants to feel inadequate or stuck or lost or unable to figure out the next best step.

Your brain will always give you the answer that you ask it for. But if you’ve been thinking negatively or indifferent for so long it's going to take a little digging

Start by asking yourself more empowering questions and it will form more empowering beliefs. 

P.S. You don’t need to wait until you are 100% comfortable in your business to treat yourself like a successful entrepreneur. 80% of your dream is more than enough to thrive while still giving yourself room to grow!

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