July 01, 2022 1 min read

Enforcing your policies

A lot of the time when we talk about enforcing policies we think it means confrontation, yelling, and a stressful environment. But in truth, It can be as simple as a friendly reminder. 

You don’t need to boss around or force your clients to do anything. You just need to aid them in learning your policies 







This is what AIDing a client looks like:


-When a client texts me at 11 at night asking to book with me I will politely ask her to check out my online booking. “Can you please in the future use this link to book online?”


-If she texts me again 2 weeks later asking for me to rebook her I will insist that she goes onto my online booking “ I need you to use the online booking link that I sent you to do that”


-If she does it again I will need to demand from her “You have to use the online booking link or I will need to fire you as a client”


This keeps it fair for you and all of your clients. You will be treated with respect and they will know what the rules are.

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