July 01, 2022 1 min read


Guess what, you DON'T actually want everyone to be your client! Not every person who walks through your door wanting your services is a blessing, you really only want a select few.
You DO NOT want everyone to be your ideal client. If everyone in your town was your ideal client and only wanted to come to you, you would never sleep and you would burn yourself out. So just throw the idea that everyone should be coming to you in the trash. It’s okay if you have someone come to you, and it’s not the perfect fit. You can recommend someone in your lash community who would be a perfect fit. 

I know when you are building your clientele, it feels important that anyone who comes in stays with you but be okay with them leaving if they aren’t right for you. Instead put your energy into serving your long term clients to the best of your ability. 

There doesn’t need to be any competition or jealousy in the lash world. If you stay in your own lane and worry about yourself, your work, and your clients, you will be a happier lash artist with happier clients.

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